Pillars of the Padrag States

Windswept Coast Resettlement

Level 3

Since I kind of want to do a more abstract planning and discussion for the session on 29th, I don’t think it’s worth it having everyone
going through the trouble of leveling up your characters when you’re not really going to be using them directly. If anything comes up,
then you’ll be able to just use your 2cd level characters. Instead, I’ll give you all the rewards for level 3 and 4 for the session on the fifth.

After the event of Ashenport, you express an interest in resettling the area after most of the population was wiped out nearly a century ago.
As such, for your first managerial task you are given the ability to plan the process in which the Windswept Coast becomes a colony of the
Four Nations. (The exact nature of that region in terms of each of yours is the first thing we will need to discuss: which nation(s) is(are) have
direct control over the area and what purpose you want the region to serve.) You are to develop plans to encourage people to migrate to the
area and to protect their livelihoods in the ways you believe a government should.

And to help determine that here is some basic information on the region: the northern border of the coast is the Ice Song Mountains which for
a large portion of the year the passage north to the Ice Song Plains is blocked with snow, the eastern border is the the ocean coastline, the
southern border is defined between the 100 mile distance of Ashenport and Rockapeligo, and the western border is defined the presence of
the various goblinoid tribes (predominantly hobgoblin) that reside in the forests. The coast is most known for poor weather, floods and
hurricanes are a pretty common problem in the region, that’s the cause of the region being abandoned the the first place, but the ample
rainfall does make water a really easy to come across for the use of agriculture -although the rocky soil does make it pain in the ass to
irrigate some areas and the century without settled people have caused the forest to take over former farmland. The coast is also known
to have multiple permanent portals to the feywild -including one that allows year round access to the Ice Song Plains, as well as a
permanent portal to the Shadowfell allowing a land route to Kuzakura.



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