Pillars of the Padrag States

The White Field

Level 5

Our next adventure takes place 7 months after the events at Fjoring’s Foothold in the land of Torlando.
Something is wrong with the farming region closest to the main city and you party is tasked with gathering
information on the treat to better prepare the army for dealing with the threat. The party is level 5 and
each character has a budget of 7500 gold to spend on equipment and supplies. (For the main group that’s
5425 extra gold and for the last group it was 4000 gp more). If you cannot think of a reason why any of
your characters would either be in Torlando or be asked to go on the mission, then feel free to make a
warforged npc to fill the gap.

And if there’s a main character in the mix, here’s the gifts bestowed upon each of them by the Bronze
Anastacia: A chess set of the armies of the gemstone Tiamat and metallic Bahamut that increases the
bonus of you battle leader ability by +1.
Gilem: Avandra’s Boon of Escape (lvl 3) with the daily power using a minor action instead of a move.
Knut: A box that grants the ability and focus to cast the fluid funds ritual.
Morgan: A healer’s broach (lvl 3) where the benefit is twice the enchantment’s modifier
Thrask: Avandra’s Blessing of Confidence (lvl 3)

(P.S. Dennis could you give me the proper title of the governing officials of Torlando, the name of
one of them. The proper description of the farming region (i.e. town, district, etc.), it’s name, and the
name of the river that’s the main water source for farming irrigation. All that would be nice so I can
just ditch the filler names and put the real ones into the adventure itself.)



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