Pillars of the Padrag States

Fjorin's Foothold

Level 4

For our next meeting your level 4 side characters are allowed to have a theme, a background benefit, inherent bonuses,
4 extra feets (for a total of 7 for nonhuman, 8 for humans), and 3,500 gp with which to buy equipment.

Four months after the events at Rockapeligo and within the first year of the Windswept Coast Resettlement Project, your
characters are asked to perform a personal favor on behalf of Sharda Hammermain -one of the world’s leading
bio-mechanical engineers. Her husband, Fjorin (fee-yor-in), had built a reputation of having an almost supernatural knack for
finding rich veins of ore as well as a large amount of wealth for him and his clan. Two years ago, Fjorin started his largest
expedition yet -the search to adamantine which has been riddled with difficulties up to about a month ago when the mining
stumbled upon a section of the Underdark filled with spider-like creatures that quickly overran the stronghold Fjorin built to
protect the mine. Most of the miners and workers fled as the monster over took the area, but Fjorin refused to leave the
mine. The Hammermain clan won many of the tunneling and surveying contracts in the Windswept Project and Sharda is
faced with the daunting task to figure out what is the best way to cut her loses -but she first needs to know that those
loses are. The dwarf had hired a group of adventurers to search for her husband, but they haven’t reported back and she’s
started to feel the pressure to make a decision, so she’s called in a favor or two (to one of your characters) in a attempt
to get something done.



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