Pillars of the Padrag States

The White Field
Level 5

Our next adventure takes place 7 months after the events at Fjoring’s Foothold in the land of Torlando.
Something is wrong with the farming region closest to the main city and you party is tasked with gathering
information on the treat to better prepare the army for dealing with the threat. The party is level 5 and
each character has a budget of 7500 gold to spend on equipment and supplies. (For the main group that’s
5425 extra gold and for the last group it was 4000 gp more). If you cannot think of a reason why any of
your characters would either be in Torlando or be asked to go on the mission, then feel free to make a
warforged npc to fill the gap.

And if there’s a main character in the mix, here’s the gifts bestowed upon each of them by the Bronze
Anastacia: A chess set of the armies of the gemstone Tiamat and metallic Bahamut that increases the
bonus of you battle leader ability by +1.
Gilem: Avandra’s Boon of Escape (lvl 3) with the daily power using a minor action instead of a move.
Knut: A box that grants the ability and focus to cast the fluid funds ritual.
Morgan: A healer’s broach (lvl 3) where the benefit is twice the enchantment’s modifier
Thrask: Avandra’s Blessing of Confidence (lvl 3)

(P.S. Dennis could you give me the proper title of the governing officials of Torlando, the name of
one of them. The proper description of the farming region (i.e. town, district, etc.), it’s name, and the
name of the river that’s the main water source for farming irrigation. All that would be nice so I can
just ditch the filler names and put the real ones into the adventure itself.)

Fjorin's Foothold
Level 4

For our next meeting your level 4 side characters are allowed to have a theme, a background benefit, inherent bonuses,
4 extra feets (for a total of 7 for nonhuman, 8 for humans), and 3,500 gp with which to buy equipment.

Four months after the events at Rockapeligo and within the first year of the Windswept Coast Resettlement Project, your
characters are asked to perform a personal favor on behalf of Sharda Hammermain -one of the world’s leading
bio-mechanical engineers. Her husband, Fjorin (fee-yor-in), had built a reputation of having an almost supernatural knack for
finding rich veins of ore as well as a large amount of wealth for him and his clan. Two years ago, Fjorin started his largest
expedition yet -the search to adamantine which has been riddled with difficulties up to about a month ago when the mining
stumbled upon a section of the Underdark filled with spider-like creatures that quickly overran the stronghold Fjorin built to
protect the mine. Most of the miners and workers fled as the monster over took the area, but Fjorin refused to leave the
mine. The Hammermain clan won many of the tunneling and surveying contracts in the Windswept Project and Sharda is
faced with the daunting task to figure out what is the best way to cut her loses -but she first needs to know that those
loses are. The dwarf had hired a group of adventurers to search for her husband, but they haven’t reported back and she’s
started to feel the pressure to make a decision, so she’s called in a favor or two (to one of your characters) in a attempt
to get something done.

Windswept Coast Resettlement
Level 3

Since I kind of want to do a more abstract planning and discussion for the session on 29th, I don’t think it’s worth it having everyone
going through the trouble of leveling up your characters when you’re not really going to be using them directly. If anything comes up,
then you’ll be able to just use your 2cd level characters. Instead, I’ll give you all the rewards for level 3 and 4 for the session on the fifth.

After the event of Ashenport, you express an interest in resettling the area after most of the population was wiped out nearly a century ago.
As such, for your first managerial task you are given the ability to plan the process in which the Windswept Coast becomes a colony of the
Four Nations. (The exact nature of that region in terms of each of yours is the first thing we will need to discuss: which nation(s) is(are) have
direct control over the area and what purpose you want the region to serve.) You are to develop plans to encourage people to migrate to the
area and to protect their livelihoods in the ways you believe a government should.

And to help determine that here is some basic information on the region: the northern border of the coast is the Ice Song Mountains which for
a large portion of the year the passage north to the Ice Song Plains is blocked with snow, the eastern border is the the ocean coastline, the
southern border is defined between the 100 mile distance of Ashenport and Rockapeligo, and the western border is defined the presence of
the various goblinoid tribes (predominantly hobgoblin) that reside in the forests. The coast is most known for poor weather, floods and
hurricanes are a pretty common problem in the region, that’s the cause of the region being abandoned the the first place, but the ample
rainfall does make water a really easy to come across for the use of agriculture -although the rocky soil does make it pain in the ass to
irrigate some areas and the century without settled people have caused the forest to take over former farmland. The coast is also known
to have multiple permanent portals to the feywild -including one that allows year round access to the Ice Song Plains, as well as a
permanent portal to the Shadowfell allowing a land route to Kuzakura.

Rockapeligo Winter
Level 1/2

First thing’s first, there is the rewards for completing Ashenport: the party is now level two with two extra feats and an additional 1675 gp each from
what you have learned while in the town and as rewards for helping the mercenaries.

Secondly, after returning to Rockapeligo you were to spend the next half a year in the kobold’s city in order to be properly introduced to the Bronze Dragon
Overlord whom is to emerge from hibernation and has (through magical means) requested your presence. During the three months you’ve spent so far, kobold representatives from the Black, White, Silver, Orium and Purple Dragon Overlords both with gifts to the ally sovereign and to allow some co-mingling among the kobold tribes. Those in attendance to the Bronze Overlord have reported signs of his stirring causing excitement among the assembled kobolds and sparking a large celebration to sweep across Rockapeligo. All the tribes have set up games and competitions and the like to pass the time until this mid-winter evening when the Overlord will appear before all who are assembled.

Additionally, word has reach you the the world renown lycanthropian expert Ronaldo has arrived in Rockapeligo after poor weather barred him from landing the Ashenport. Ronaldo wishes some time with Gilem.

As I stated before, this is going to be predominately a roleplaying session, so it isn’t entirely necessary to update your character, and isn’t necessary at all to update the rest of your character tree.

Smiley Bob and Beyond
Level 0/1

After our young future leaders escort Pumkin back to Riverslye and inform the halflings that their bear problem is over they are treated to a small celebration. By late afternoon the group has made their way back to the Speaker’s resort and reported to the adults of their success of their first outing.

Now, five years later, the Four Nations have come together to set up a group of representatives to venture into uncontrolled territory. The Windswept Coast to the north used to have a small collection of fishing villages barely beating our an existence of it’s rough shores. At least it did until one autumn about a century ago, when a hurricane decimated the people’s houses and livelihood. The survivors were forced to make the choice to abandon the area in an attempt to make a new life or attempt to survive the harsh winter with little in the way of possessions. The coast was thought to be unsettled since then, but recently one of the original towns have sent word throughout the land welcoming all to a trademeet. The town’s offering were salted fish from the sea, lumber from the surrounding forest, and treasured salvaged from sunken ships.

These so called treasures is what drew the leaders of the Four Nations to this trademeet, as well as the fact that it is to be held in autumn -a dangerous time of year still for the region, since there are record of people attempting to travel through the coast during that time and never returning. The reason your characters are sent to the village is twofold: one, to act as emissaries at the trademeet and two, to determine the risks for opening trade routes to the region.

Your characters are now level 1 full-fledged adventurers and in addition to what you’d normally gotten you characters also have:
-inherent bonuses (although neither of the bonuses have kicked in yet)
-1 free feat (for a total of 2 or 3 if human) to use for whatever you want
-a choice of theme (can be reflavored to gain the benefits and powers)
-a background benefit of your choice
-a +2 background bonus to two skills (i.e. cannot choose the same skill as your potential benefit)
-400 gold pieces to buy equiptment

Pillars of the State Campaign

Tonight we talked about what we would be doing every other week between Dennis’s Gamma World campaign and settled on a 4th ed D&D campaign that places the PCs are fated from birth to be the rulers at the center of a political saga.

Each PC begins as a likely heir to the throne in one of the four main kingdoms (this number can increase if there are more regular players or if you guys want a companion NPC like Therodin to reach the standard five player party). The kingdoms have historical and cultural similarities but act as politically allied independent nations that share a common coastline. Once great, each kingdom now exists as a point of light separated from its fellow nations by swaths of lawless, monster-infested territory littered with small city-states separate from the kingdoms. Beyond the land mass that the PCs are from there is at least one other continent on the other side of the sea. (And I guess to answer your distance question from earlier Dennis, I would say Baldur’s Gate to Amn would be one of the smaller distances between kingdoms, other could be the distance between Neverwinter and Calimshan or between Thay and Candlekeep.)

The campaign will start out a 0th level with the party leveling at the end of each session in most cases, with some levels drawn out longer to focus on a single PC’s story. I have included the pdf detailing the rules for creating 0th level characters (this basically choosing a race and power source). In addition to your main character I also would like you each to create a character tree to not only act as back ups due to character death, but to also extend your kingdom’s reach when large-scale, simultaneous events happen in the future. There should be at least three backups, more if there are more regular PCs. You don’t need to drawn up everything about each extra character at first, or even every level and you will know beforehand if you need to bring someone other than your main character beforehand.

Racial and class restrictions will stem from how you define your kingdom and how its rulers are determined, you will be locked into a small set of races or a power source for your entire character tree. In these kingdoms, the rulers don’t just sit at home, issuing decrees and eating sweetmeat. Instead, the rulers use their mighty powers of behalf of their people. So it is acceptable to separate the powers to lessen the risk of losing one while adventuring. Max, for example thought up a primal nation ruled jointly by a warchief and a spirtual shaman. Another example would be Dennis’s techno-magical realm focused on keeping a Far Realm breach in check. More examples include a seafaring merchant nation; a mining nation ruled by warrior-kings; a land ruled by priest or paladins and home to numerious universities, cathedrals, and architects; an eerie magocracy; a kingdom sworn to protect its ancient forest; and a plains kingdom that grown most of the food of all the nations.

What I want before the proper start of the campaign would be your main character, at least three characters for your tree, the broad picture of your kingdom-what makes it different from the other players and how it’s set up, who is the current ruler(s) of your nation and a little about how you were chosen to be one of his/her/their heir. This does require some teamwork to make a cohesive world and party (especially if you guys only have four members in said party) so there will probably be a couple planing meetings to make sure no one is actively stepping on each others’ toes and to set some geographical boundaries.

Tom and Vu-Ha, you are included and welcome to come up with your own character who is a representative of one of the smaller city-states for when you might be able to attend.


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