Once Padrag was a thriving set of worlds interconnected with countless others spread across the Astral Sea. As a balanced blend of elemental forces, order and chaos, arcane and primal powers Padrag was a popular stage for people of the universe to intermingle on its vast pangaea continent. Then came a magical event to violent it tore apart its continent, its world, its universe. Shattered and broken, maddening horrors and devastating events plagued Padrag’s people for centuries. Until a coalition of mortals and dragons managed to banish the last of the monsters and placed seals upon to last of the breaches on their land,

Little by little survivors turn away for the trials for the past and toward a steadier future, creating small pockets of civilization among the still savage and violent world around them. These nations form alliances with each other and groom its next generations to continue working toward expanding civilization across the globe.

Pillars of the Padrag States

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